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 Since 1979, as a department in Kanto Chemical, Kanto Chemical Engineering (KCE) is the Pioneer of the Chemical Dispense System in the world. KCE established itself as a separate entity in 1987 with the name of CICA Engineering. In 2008, CICA Engineering evolved again into the current Kanto Chemical Engineering with an improved Organization Hierarchy.
For the past 30 years, KCE had installed more than 2000 Systems Worldwide including America, Europe, China, Taiwan, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam.
KCE provides "Total Engineering Services" starting from Design and Manufacturing to Installation, Commissioning, Maintenance and System Diagnosis.
KCE Specialized in the following Systems:
Chemical Dispense System
Blending and Dilution System
Powder Dissolution System
NaOH Concentration System
Temperature Controlled Circulatory Supply System
Waste Chemical Collection System
Electroplating Chemical Dispense System
Chemical Dispense System
KCE has varies design to cater to the different needs of the industries
Systems can be further customized to meet the customer requirements
Basic System Types based on Types of Chemicals
Model-I: Organic Solvent - Stainless steel for wetted parts and housing
Model-II: Acids and Caustics - Fluorocarbon polymer for wetted parts with PVC/PP housing
Model-III:Corrosive Organic Solvent - Fluorocarbon polymer for wetted parts with stainless steel housing
Basic System Types based on Consumption of Chemicals
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